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Mid-Columbia Symphony

Marketing music to the masses.

When music artists need visual art, who do they turn to?

If you’ve ever visited our office, you’ve no doubt noticed the guitars, drums, and other music gear. Nearly everyone at Artmil plays a musical instrument, and we have a heart for the art of music. That’s why it’s such a joy and an honor for us to have such a wonderful, long-standing relationship with the Mid-Columba Symphony.

For more than a decade, we’ve been behind every poster, program, and ticket that the symphony has put out. Each season, we see new challenges and are given new opportunities to do award-winning work.


Music to our ears.

As creatives, we love to take risks. Try new things. Mix it up. With the symphony, we’ve been able to do just that, year after year. Each season, we take the outline of the concerts planned and start brainstorming up ideas about what we’d like to do for each concert’s promotional materials.

Working along with the MCS administrative staff, we select a visual style and feel for the season, and get to work mapping the deadlines out for our production schedule. The result is a seamless process in which we provide the symphony what they need, right when they need it.