DreamView Design

Designing the home of your dreams.

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Helping a client realize their vision is what DreamView does; helping DreamView realize their vision is what Artmil did.

DreamView Design is a small-but-mighty design firm that works with both construction companies and builders to create 3D models and imagery of homes that haven’t even been built yet. Joseph Asmus takes architectural drawings and technical information and turns them into something a builder or client can really sink their teeth into: interior and exterior renderings of their soon-to-be-built home, complete with their preferred finishes, interior accents, furniture, and more.

When we first sat down with Joseph, he admitted that he wasn’t wild about his existing branding, and that he would be due for some new business cards soon, so he was open to a fresh new look. He gave us his thoughts on what he wanted to see, and we came back with a number of ideas; one of those ultimately stuck: a tilted “D” that had an abstract arch window in the middle of the negative space.

Once we dialed in the identity and colors, we went to work building DreamView a new responsive website. The visual focus of the website revolves around the many 3D renderings they’ve done — including an impressive “Before & After” section where you can see how close his renderings came to the final, fully-built home. The solution is mobile-friendly, which is important for the kinds of clients DreamView seeks to reach, such as those walking through model homes or even the Parade of Homes (of which DreamView is an award winner).