American Wheel Specialist

Helping to reinvent the wheel.

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With a new brand identity, website, and print collateral, American Wheel Specialist has increased their credibility and reputation.

When Artmil first teamed up with American Wheel Specialist, we quickly discovered there was an exciting and highly technical — yet refreshingly simple — process that goes into making custom wheels. There is an incredible amount of precision needed to manufacture a wheel from scratch, and the minuscule measurements and attention to detail needed are impressive.

American Wheel Specialist is in a unique market when it comes to communications: they don’t often sell direct to the consumer on wheels for personal vehicles (though they certainly can help you there); their bread-and-butter is to work directly with agricultural, industrial, forestry, and ___ clients to provide service. If the wheel on your combine harvester broke or bent, they can recondition the existing wheel, or even provide a whole new one.

With that business model considered, Artmil went to work first on a new brand identity for the company, researching businesses in similar industries and finding the best way to visually differentiate them while also making the brand feel immediately familiar to clients. Once we had the identity in place, we produced business cards for immediate use, and then got to work on the website; the website is fully responsive, and works well on desktop and mobile devices with equal ease. Using the new branding as our guide, we built the website to match the look and feel of the visual design language we set forth initially, tying both print and web projects together cohesively.