Say hello to the office teddy bear.

Wade Steele is one who pushes himself to always do his best, sometimes at his detriment because it is hard for him to say no. He found his creative outlet while in high school, writing and arranging music from his home studio, as well as local studios in Portland. “Doing enough to scrape by is not an option” has always been his motto. “Throughout my early years of creative development, I always searched out those who were really good at what they did, then I would shut my mouth and learn from them.”

In the late 90’s, when the internet was new, he learned how to design and build beautiful presentations from some great web designers in the Portland/Vancouver area. While on staff at a local church, he developed and honed his design skills while creating multiple presentations and print products weekly.

Over the years, Wade has developed an attitude of helping others with the gifts and talents that he has acquired, while always looking for opportunities to make his community a better place to be. We love having Wade around the office – he entertains us and keeps us all laughing at ourselves!

When he’s not at Artmil

Wade spends much of his time creating and building things – all kinds of things. His creativity is best on display while building wood projects in his shop, writing and producing music, building websites, designing logos, running sound behind a mixing console, and being involved in the community around him.

Wade and his wife, Lisa – along with their 6 kids and 1 granddaughter – love hanging out at the local parks in the summer or playing on the rivers around the Tri-Cities area. On occasion, they visit family who lives in the Portland and Vancouver area. Summer is their favorite time of the year, as they spend time with their friends exploring the great outdoors.


Tacos, Pizza, BBQ, Sweet & Sour Chicken
TV Shows:
Gotham, Designated Survivor, The Kindness Diaries, 24
Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Braveheart, Sherlock Holmes, Oceans 11/12/13
Toto, Steve Lukather, Michael Jackson, Dirty Loops, The Belonging Co., Michael W. Smith
Design Programs:
Illustrator, Photoshop, Pixelmator, Canva
Instagram, YouTube, Creative Bloq, Abduzeedo
“Change the place you are in, don’t let the place you are in change you!” – Thom Fields
“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey