Derek Munson


Derek firmly believes that he didn’t choose his career — his career chose him.

His first real design memory was in 1992; he was visiting a friend who had one of those newfangled computers, and his friend showed him a little program called Microsoft Paint. Combining his obsession with aviation and his love for detail, he then proceeded to ignore his friend for the next 5 hours while, pixel-by-pixel, he constructed and meticulously perfected an image of a Horizon Air Q200 Turboprop plane taking off.

That was only the beginning. From there, he built logos and websites for bands he was in, and accepted a job working for his uncle’s company back in 2003. He spent the next 10 years designing logos and websites primarily for the automotive industry, but also did work for numerous businesses, from small mom-and-pop barbecue sauce brands to dental clinics, fashion bloggers, and more.

Derek joined the Artmil team in April 2013. Over the past several years at Artmil, he has taken the web side of the business and expanded it greatly, putting the previous 10 years of experience to good use in helping shape the way we approach web design, assist our clients, and maintain their websites.


Derek has won awards for his design work from the following organizations:

When he’s not at Artmil

Besides spending every free minute he can with his wife Crystal and son Blake, Derek is a professional musician who has toured and performed all across North America with various bands and performing arts organizations. He’s played with world-famous musicians and entertainers, including Marie Osmond, Petula Clark, and Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Besides music and other interests (such as TV/radio hosting, announcing, and voice-over work), he is passionate about aviation, and is currently saving money to eventually get his private pilot’s license — a lifelong dream that he hopes to someday turn into a reality.

When he’s not on the road performing, or dreaming near an airport tarmac, you’ll probably find him in his garage working on a home improvement project, or working on his college coursework as he continues his studies towards an advanced degree.


Chinese & Mexican
TV Shows:
Fixer Upper, The Middle, Modern Family, Stranger Things, Doctor Who
That Thing You Do, A League of Their Own, Tommy Boy
Snarky Puppy, SF Jazz Collective, Vulfpeck, Jacob Collier, Knower, Toto, Tower of Power
Design Programs:
Illustrator & Photoshop
“The only time you should look down on a man
is when you’re helping him back up.”
“If you have the choice between being right
and being kind, choose to be kind.”