Arthur Dancing

Artmil was named for Arthur.

A few months after Dennis founded Whitestone Communications, Arthur was born to Dennis and Chris in 1995. Since Arthur has Down Syndrome, Dennis was thankful he now owned a business where Artie would always be welcome to come and to work.

When changing the business name in 2006, Dennis choose Artmil in honor of Arthur. Artie had started coming to work with his mom, Chris, in 2004, after school. Later on, he started learning tasks to help out. He helped Chris make deliveries and to shop for the office. He also learned how to collate pages, make and stuff product boxes and to empty the trash.

His successful experience in a workplace helped him when he attended high school. He was able to work a school program at Columbia Industries successfully. Since he graduated from Kamiakin High School, Arthur is back working at Artmil.

When he’s not at Artmil

Arthur enjoys watching old VHS and newer DVD movies. His collection includes John Wayne westerns, Bonanza episodes, old Batman serials, Robin hoods episodes from the 1950’s, various versions of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, all the Beethoven and Buddy movies, etc. in his room. He helps around the house, food shopping, and mowing the grass.

Besides wrestling with his dad, Dennis, he also plays basketball, football, baseball and ping pong with him. He shoots arrows at a target in his yard and darts at a dart board inside. He sings and plays bass at the bluegrass jams. An enthusiastic Seahawks fan, he also greatly enjoys attending concerts, plays and musicals like The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz and Les Miserables. Loves to dance!

He uses his iPad to FaceTime with his brothers and sister. Loves to sing along with Contemporary Christian music like Newsboys on CD as he drives around with his mother, Chris. Loved seeing them at Creation! He attends monthly Young Life Capernaum meetings at the ARC, had a great time at their summer camp in Oregon.


(In no particular order:)

Going to musicals
Chips and salsa
Making nachos
The movie “Shane”
His brother Paul
Micheal Landon
Wearing hats
River Dance
Drawing with markers
Wrestling with Dad
Breaking into dance!
Wearing a sport coat

“Keep on dancing!”