Allied Automotive

Let’s take a look under the hood.

When businesses come together, great things can happen.

It just so happens that Caleb and Kymm Aldinger, owners of Allied Automotive, were members of the same BNI group as our owner, Dennis Miller, several years ago as they were starting to get their business off the ground. What began as a mobile car repair service for foreign models turned into a full-fledged repair shop for all makes and models, and is soon expanding into an auto dealership, as well…

…and it all started with the logo you see here. Blue is a color that promotes trust and gives the impression of reliability and strength; leveraging what we know about color psychology, and what goals the Aldinger family had for their new company, we built a logo that reflected their personality and work ethic, and used influences from foreign auto manufacturers like Wolkswagen, Audi, and BMW to create something that matched their aesthetic.

After establishing the logo, we helped them make it visible to the public by designing building signage, as well as print collateral for use in the everyday operations of their company.