After traveling the world, it was really time to settle down.

Katrina Jorgensen is an artist, web designer, photographer and graphic designer who’s moved at least a dozen times and decided to retire her wandering ways by moving to Walla Walla, Washington in 2003.

Her professional activities include a stint as Art Director at a contemporary art gallery in Phoenix, Arizona; Web Designer for a client with many notable Fortune 500 companies; and Creative Director of a marketing agency. Katrina has additionally undertaken a wide variety of creative projects from serving as webmaster for BYU’s Alumni Association site, to freelance web and graphic design, to animating games, staging and shooting editorial photography, and designing over 100 magazines, many of which she created from scratch.

Her business philosophy centers on this concept: “Design adds value faster than cost, and is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitor.” She also believes committees breed mediocrity, people should be nice, and that if paper wasn’t meant to be torn it wouldn’t be made out of paper.


Katrina has won awards for her design work from the following organizations:

When she’s not at Artmil

Katrina has always been an artist and design evolved from that. She was “that art girl” in high school, and had 6 art and design classes her senior year. In college her professors forced her to choose between art and design for a major and she finally picked art.

That decision has led her all over the world, but Walla Walla is the place she is most happy to call home. She lives there with her husband, Mike, and a very temperamental but beloved dog.

As a creative pastime she paints, shoots personal photography, and struggles with a severe Pinterest addiction.


Italian food, Pizza, Roast, and Chocolate desserts of all kinds
TV Shows:
The Good Place, Modern Family, Stranger Things, Parks & Rec, Fixer Upper, and anything HGTV
Empire of the Sun, Raising Arizona, Much Ado about Nothing, Harold & Maude, and Sound of Music
Mumford & Sons, Ryan Adams, Bishop Allen, The Be Good Tanyas, Coldplay, U2, and Dax Riggs
Pinterest, Audible, and a wide variety of design sites
“Nothing’s either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
“Don’t take life so seriously; it’s not like you’re going to get out alive.”